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Ko wai mātou - About us

Te Oha o Te Rarawa


  Mahere Wawata


Te Oha is a commitment to preserve and share the taonga tuku iho held by Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa to all iwi members who are actively registered on Tātai ki Te Rarawa Iwi Membership database. Our identity as Te Rarawa is deeply rooted in our history, language, culture, and traditions. Preserving and understanding these aspects are essential for our continued existence as a people. By recognising and embracing our individual and collective identities as iwi, hapū, and whānau, we strengthen our connection to our land and heritage, which transcends physical boundaries.





Ko te Mahi Whakatutuki kua puawai Te Oha

1. Digitisation: We are committed to digitising the iwi collections to ensure their
preservation and accessibility. Digital formats will enable broader dissemination
while safeguarding against physical deterioration.

2. Physical Preservation: While prioritising digitisation, we will ensure the
appropriate care and preservation of physical collections. This includes
employing best practices for storage, handling, and conservation to prevent
damage and degradation.



 Te Kaupapa


Kaitiakitanga serves as the guiding policy for Te Oha. As guardians and protectors of
our cultural heritage, we are committed to managing our taonga tuku iho in
alignment with our Te Rarawa worldview, ensuring their integrity and accessibility
for current and future generations of Te Rarawa.


Ngā Mātāpono





Kaitiakitanga is an expression of our mana, embodying the inherent authority and dignity of Te Rarawa as guardians of our taonga tuku iho and cultural heritage.

It reflects our responsibility to uphold the values, traditions, and identity of our people, ensuring the preservation and sharing of our taonga tuku iho with reverence and respect.

Tika is the correct and rightful way to care for our taonga tuku iho,
encompassing the adherence to moral and ethical principles in their
preservation and dissemination.

It entails ensuring that decisions and actions regarding our cultural heritage are just, fair, and aligned with the values and beliefs of Te Rarawa, maintaining the integrity and authenticity of our taonga tuku iho.

Aroha and manaaki are expressed through what we share, with the purpose of enhancing and restoring our cultural heritage within our iwi, hapū, and whānau.

It entails approaching the preservation and sharing of our ancestral treasures
with love, compassion, and empathy, ensuring that they are safeguarded and made accessible to future generations.

Hei ārahi, kia tiaki me te whakawhiti taonga tuku iho o Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa.

To preserve and responsibly share the treasures handed down held by Te
Rūnanga o Te Rarawa.